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Slower paced netball, kinder on the joints.

Walking Netball
Walking Netball is a social competition open to anyone looking for a casual, slower more joint-friendly paced game. Played outdoors at the Noosa District Sports Complex starting at 6pm.
Dates:   1 February to 5 April 2023
  • Annual registration fee:  $35 (via Netball Connect).  
  • Social game cost:  $5 per game, payable on the night.
Season 1
Dates:   9 August to 11 October 2023
  • Annual registration fee:  $35 (via Netball Connect). Not payable for Season 2 if you have already paid the registration fee in 2023.
  • Social game cost - $5 per game, payable on the night.
Season 2
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